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The route of a producer's wine to market has evolved over the centuries. It is a sophisticated risk mitigation model based on the science of previous generations of wine makers and merchants. In Bordeaux this is even more complex with courtiers and négociants playing major roles in the wine's journey to the consumer.

Technology is bringing big change to everyone's lives and the Internet has transformed the way we buy and sell goods. The traditional supply chains are not required in the same way they were when communication was measured in days. Source Directe is bringing a technology solution to shorten the supply chain and bring the consumer direct to the cellar door.

Our model

We are building an e-commerce platform specifically for wine producers wishing to sell their wines globally. The solution is cloud-based on fully scalable architecture with a customisable web front-end. The producers can design the look and feel of their online shop, bringing their distinct house style to it.

The service allows wine producers to:-

  • Build their brand through online global sales,
  • Remove the cross-border duty and delivery worries,
  • Engage directly with their consumers and build deeper relationships,
  • Control their pricing and dictate their margin.

The customer experience

The producer can concentrate on creating wonderful wines knowing they can promote and market them with less cost than previously. Through dictating their pricing the producer can offer wines, without the middlemen's margins, at competitive prices. Customers buy their parcel of wine with all expected costs included; shipping, customs clearance, duty, taxes and delivery. The wine will be delivered on a 2 day standard delivery from France to UK but express options are available. In the more rarified wines there is additional benefit in the vendor guaranteeing the provenance of the wines bought.


We aim to launch with our pathfinder wine producers in Q2 2019. We are in discussions with French producers and in the initial phase transactions will be restricted to between France and the United Kingdom. This phase will help to smooth out any wrinkles in the software before Source Directe opens up to the global market.

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